Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome back!

I'm back!!! This is being written in my iPad while my little one mischievously plays with our DVD player....alternating between that and a toy rotary phone is a tough job for a 7 month old! Hubby might say not to let him play with the DvD player...and I agree...except for the fact that it is 30 minutes away from bath time and this mom is worn out. :) I just wanted to make a quick note to let everyone (or the one nor two that might read this thing) know that I will *occasionally* be blogging. I don't promise to keep up well with's hard enough to keep up with loving on Noah all day or to finish the laundry, dishes, and whatnot. BUT, I miss the outlet. I miss writing, even though I'm not very good at it. I enjoy crafting for my little one and hope to fill these "pages" with fun things in the life of the baby Toodlebug. I also like blogger better than Wordpress, hence why I'm back HERE versus there. Gotta run, I have a puréed turkey mishap to attend to. :)

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