Saturday, October 6, 2012


Yes, we are sick at the Wilkerson casa this week. Noah has quite the snotty nose and has been febrile. I managed to catch it just in time for my yard sale this morning. Did y'all know that yard salers are nuts (with the exception of me, of course lol)?! Negotiating down from 50 cents is a bit ridiculous.

So onward we go, a review of my recent past aka a blog photo dump.

One wedding + one beach trip + family time and travel + bible study + yard sale + illness + mounds of errands = a tired mom. But it was all worth it. (The travel, that is!) What made it worse was that the 1st of the month was this week. Does any one else have a 1st of the month routine? I despise it, but it helps me to stay organized. I check the birthdays for the month/make note to buy cards, go to the bank, pay rent at the landlord's, invest and review investments, pay student loans and all other bills, and finally review our budget and spending. Double yuck.

I'm missing a pic of my mom...who is the absolute best. But I will make sure to get a special mom/daughter pic in 46 short days when I see her!!! A big THANKS to this mom b/c she is what made these travels possible.

So here's a few as promised:

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